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Service And Maintenance

Ever wondered why some car manufacturers make you service your car every six months? Maybe it’s because they’re not as well engineered as they’d like you to believe? Or maybe they see it as an opportunity to charge you more regularly? Well, at ŠKODA Care, we have faith in the engineering of our vehicles, so we only service them every 12 months/15,000km (whichever occurs first). As much as we’d like to see you, it also means fewer inconvenient trips, which makes life simpler for you, too.

As we’re talking about making life simpler, you could really help us out by filling in an online survey after your service. That way we can make sure we’re always on the same page, ready to improve.

Digital Service Schedule

Recording everything on paper when it can easily get lost or ruined doesn’t seem too clever, does it? Our Digital Service records never go missing, never get ruined, and can be accessed by all of our dealers, so you can switch to suit your convenience. Simple.

Factory Trained Technicians

What’s the simplest way to ensure that you get highest level of servicing? To use ŠKODA technicians. All of our technicians have the best possible knowledge of the vehicles they’re working on. Coupled with the latest diagnostic equipment and specialist tools, you’ve got a finely tuned team working on your ŠKODA.

ŠKODA Express Service

A minor servicing job should only be a minor inconvenience, right? We think so, which is why, for selected small service tasks, we can offer repairs while you wait. For truly fast repairs, we recommend that you give us a bit of notice and make an appointment in advance.

ŠKODA Genuine Parts

ŠKODA service centres ensure that only ŠKODA Genuine Parts are used, which are identical to those used during the production of your vehicle. The reason? Simple. By using genuine parts, we can guarantee their safety, reliability, and long life — genuinely.

Wheel alignment

It’s easy to get bent out of shape on the road if your vehicle axis isn’t aligned. Driving conditions can worsen and cause your tyres to wear unevenly. Getting yours tested and adjusted at your authorised ŠKODA service centre will guarantee that they’re up to scratch.

Radio Tuning

If you believe simple things make the difference, then we’re on the same wavelength. That’s why, if we service your ŠKODA and reset the battery, we will reset the radio to your favourite stations, so you don’t have to.

Seat positioning

We simply can’t stand people messing with our seat positions, and you shouldn’t have to, either. So after your service, we ask that each service centre return your seat to its original position — just how you like it.

Air Conditioning Service

It gets hot here in Australia… really hot. So if your air conditioning is not in optimum condition, you really feel it. Your authorised ŠKODA service centre can provide you with complete servicing of your air conditioning, including a leak test on the system, checking its functions and operating pressure, as well as measuring and replacing the amount of coolant. Now that’s a breath of fresh air.

Service and Maintenance

The more time your ŠKODA spends with us, the less time you get to spend enjoying it on the open road. This is far from ideal, so we’ve made service and maintenance as quick and painless as possible, with simple, transparent pricing, and service packs that are designed to protect you and your car, wherever you go.

ŠKODA Service Pricing

It’s always good to know what’s around the corner. That’s why SKODA Service Pricing lets you know upfront the cost of your next scheduled service. No hidden expenses, no nasty surprises. Use our handy service calculator to find the cost of your next service, scheduled to occur every 12 months/15,000 kms (whichever occurs first).

Calculate Your Service Pricing

Service Packs

Quite simply, our service packs are designed to serve you by making your life easier. They’re full of smart features to help you avoid unexpected servicing costs with upfront payments, protect against inflation of future servicing costs, and enhance the resale value of your vehicle. And to make things easier, they’re available for purchase through ŠKODA Finance and are fully transferable, at no extra cost.

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